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MECHANIC (Project Direct Entry)

My entry for project direct 2008. Enjoy.

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Yes We Can

What an amazing start to this historic presidency.

Yes We Can.

CA Props Verdicts

Propositions Precincts reporting: ~99.0%

* 1A: High-speed rail Yes 52.1% No 47.9%
* 2: Farm animals Yes 63.2% No 36.8%
* 3: Children’s hospitals Yes 54.8% No 45.2%
* 4: Abortion notification Yes 47.9% No 52.1%
* 5: Drug offenses Yes 40.1% No 59.9%
* 6: Criminal justice Yes 30.7% No 69.3%
* 7: Renewable energy Yes 35.1% No 64.9%
* 8: Gay marriage ban Yes 52.4% No 47.6%
* 9: Victims’ rights Yes 53.4% No 46.6%
* 10: Alternative fuels Yes 40.2% No 59.8%
* 11: Redistricting Yes 50.5% No 49.5%
* 12: Loans for veterans Yes 63.4% No 36.6%

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PSA for John OBAMA MCAIN Barack Sarah Biden Joe Palin

The most important message about voting this election.

Every American must watch.

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Sweet Home Alaska

The and climax and conclusion of this epic American Saga.


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Wow! Obamawow's 'em in the Polls


General Election: McCain vs. Obama
RCP Electoral Map | Changes in Electoral Count | Map With No Toss Ups | No Toss Up Changes

Polling Data

Poll Date Sample Obama (D) McCain (R) Spread

RCP Average 10/03 - 10/10 -- 49.9 42.3 Obama +7.6

Gallup Tracking 10/08 - 10/10 2773 RV 51 42 Obama +9
Rasmussen Tracking 10/08 - 10/10 3000 LV 52 45 Obama +7
Reuters/CSpan/Zogby Tracking 10/08 - 10/10 1212 LV 48 44 Obama +4
Hotline/FD Tracking 10/08 - 10/10 808 LV 50 40 Obama +10
Newsweek 10/08 - 10/09 1035 RV 52 41 Obama +11
FOX News 10/08 - 10/09 900 RV 46 39 Obama +7
GW/Battleground Tracking 10/06 - 10/09 800 LV 51 43 Obama +8
Time 10/03 - 10/06 1053 LV 50 44 Obama +6
NBC News/Wall St. Jrnl 10/04 - 10/05 658 RV 49 43 Obama +6

See All General Election: McCain vs. Obama Polling Data
Intrade Market Prices for General Election: McCain vs. Obama
Obama McCain
Intrade Real Time Quotes (See More Data)
Recent Commentary & News Stories

- Sorry, Dad, I'm Voting For Obama - Christopher Buckley, The Daily Beast

- Obama, the New Old Gipper - Scot Lehigh, Boston Globe

- Not Over Yet for McCain - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

- Why No Traction for McCain? - Jay Cost, RealClearPolitics

- The New "Welfare Queens" - Ed Kilgore, Democratic Strategist

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Sarah Palin Outtakes with Charles Gibson Unaired by TMZ

Wasilla never had it so good.

Watch and enjoy.


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Barack's Brisket is Beyond!

This is a must see for anyone who enjoys breathing.

See more Sarah Silverman videos at Funny or Die

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Wolves demand contract negotiation

Being a friend and admirer of wolves, they have come to me to deliver their message:

Keep wolves OUT of campaign ads. They are not republican or even democrat. They just want to be left alone in the woods to hunt and be awesome.

Take heed to the wolves call. They will bite you and bite you hard. You saw Teen Wolf, so that should be fair warning.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

TPMtv: Bridge of Lies

Lying liars and the lies they tell.


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Robbery First: the shotgun approach.

McCain chooses the 'if you can't beat em join 'em' technique.

Out of the blue, McCain adopted the change mantra. Is he aware of which campaign he on? What happened to Country First? Or more appropriately, Team America: Fuck Yeah!

The gloating circus that was the Republican convention seemed to have worked. On the average, as of today, Sept. 7, 2008 McCain/Stalin is up 1 point. That's pretty impressive since Obama was up about 7 or 8 points before the "pit bull" gave her speech. What's more impressive is that people are buying it. Over the course of the GOP convention I kept shaking my head at the TV and eventually turned it off. Their whole strategy is based on people not thinking, and creating chants based on emotions. Doubly odd is the fact that McCain gave one of the weakest acceptance speeches in history. This is the time that the nominee is to lay out their platform for what they are going to do for the country and get down to it. What did we get from McCain? Ummm, he is a war hero? and...change Washington? I don't know if he is aware, but his party was the one had all the keys and power for the last 7+ years. Does this fact fall into the same portion of his brain that gets stumped by questions like "how many houses do you have?" *As a side note, he was recently asked if he thinks condoms help prevent spreading of the AIDS virus and his reply was: "Let me get back to you, You've stumped me." -Wow.

McCain's speech felt misplaced and out of step. Like one of those Uncle's you have to listen to out of respect go on and on about his war stories. No disrespect, but what is your plan for say, the Presidency? It seems he has replaced strategy with mystery, and again I'm amazed people don't see through it. But this is the country that put Bush in the White House twice.

Mystery #1) All summer long he has railed (and continues to rail) on Obama for his lack of experience. So who does he pick for his VP? The most inexperienced public official possible.

#2) "Change is coming to Washington." Is he pitching for Barack Obama? How is he going to defend that with the most conservative running mate and a voting record that aligns with 90% of the Bush administration?

#3) Grabbing Palin as VP to appeal to disenfranchised Hilary voters when she opposes almost everything Hilary does.

#4) Stating he is going to change Washington when he runs one of the most conventional conventions to date. It was chalk full of bad mouthing, smoke and mirrors to distract the audience from the glaring fact that right now America is in an AWFUL spot, thanks largely to their party.

#5) "We're going to restore honor and respect to the white house once more." Um... Does this sound familiar? It should because it is EXACTLY THE SAME as what W. stumped on in 2000. See what a bang up job he did of that? Notice that wasn't in his 2004 campaign.

#6) Saying his opponent is going to raise taxes while he is going to lower them. Maybe he's referring to an opponent other than Barack because Obama/Biden have made it abundantly clear that they will LOWER taxes (more than McCain) for people earning up $250,000. You can go to Fact Check for more.

#7) Repeated lies and slander. If you look on my blog for the fact check of Palin's/Rove's speech you'll find it chalk full of lies. It's enough to make you not want to vote...Or vote for Barack. It's one thing to stretch the truth, but this was blatant lies, here are couple more:

> He promised to increase use of "wind, tide [and] solar" energy, though his actual energy plan contains no new money for renewable energy. He has said elsewhere that renewable sources won’t produce as much as people think. He also has repeatedly VOTED AGAINST these very initiatives in congress.

> He called for "reducing government spending and getting rid of failed programs," but as in the past failed to cite a single program that he would eliminate or reduce.

Again, go to FactCheck.org to learn for yourself, plus many many more!

So I guess his strategy is to say anything he wants or feels like, and see what sticks. It's clear he doesn't have much of a leg to stand on when it comes to actual issues and policies, so the magic show continues. Hey, it worked for W.!

If you like what you see forward it to more people. I know the Republicans get a bounce after their circus has their show but I'm really hoping people will actually start to look behind the wizards curtain a bit more. I know we are a smart country, I also know we are in a mess and can't tell what the future will bring. Here's hoping for the best.

Register to Vote!

Do it by clicking HERE!


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Palin raises millions for Obama

I think this is both hilarious and awesome. Check this out:

(CNN) – Barack Obama's campaign for president has raised $10 million since Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin spoke Wednesday night, the campaign announced, calling it a "one-day record."

Palin, the governor of Alaska, launched harsh attacks on Obama, accusing him of being two-faced and a political lightweight with no significant legislative accomplishments.

"Coverage of the Palin attacks on the news this evening just pushed us over $10 million," Obama spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in an e-mail to reporters Wednesday night.

The Republican Party announced earlier in the day it had raised $1 million in the wake of Palin's speech.
>>>That's 10 to 1 people. 10 to 1. I never thought this was possible. I know Reps must be quaking in their boots to think that this "no experience" Dem out earns them at such an alarming rate. And what is the deal with all the empty seats at Excel? What happened to all the die-hard republicans? Oh yeah, they're at the Ron Paul gathering across the river...about 10,000 of them. Why haven't we been hearing about that?

Look for more soon,


Why the media should apologize

by Roger Simon, from Politico.com

Sarah Palin gave a really good speech. Why go beyond that, asks Simon.

ST. PAUL, Minn. — On behalf of the media, I would like to say we are sorry.

On behalf of the elite media, I would like to say we are very sorry.
We have asked questions this week that we should never have asked.

We have asked pathetic questions like: Who is Sarah Palin? What is her record? Where does she stand on the issues? And is she is qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency?

We have asked mean questions like: How well did John McCain know her before he selected her? How well did his campaign vet her? And was she his first choice?

Bad questions. Bad media. Bad.

It is not our job to ask questions. Or it shouldn’t be. To hear from the pols at the Republican National Convention this week, our job is to endorse and support the decisions of the pols.

Sarah Palin hit the nail on the head Wednesday night (and several in the audience wish she had hit some reporters on the head instead) when she said: “I’m not a member of the permanent political establishment. And I’ve learned quickly, these past few days, that if you’re not a member in good standing of the Washington elite, then some in the media consider a candidate unqualified for that reason alone.”

But where did we go wrong with Sarah Palin? Let me count the ways:

First, we should have stuck to the warm, human interest stuff like how she likes mooseburgers and hit an important free throw at her high school basketball tournament even though she had a stress fracture.

Second, we should have stuck to the press release stuff like how she opposed the Bridge to Nowhere (after she supported it).

Third, we should never have strayed into the other stuff. Like when The Washington Post recently wrote: “Palin is under investigation by a bipartisan state legislative body. … Palin had promised to cooperate with the legislative inquiry, but this week she hired a lawyer to fight to move the case to the jurisdiction of the state personnel board, which Palin appoints.”

Why go there? What trees does that plant?

Fourth, we should stop making with all the questions already. She gave a really good speech. And why go beyond that? As we all know, speeches cannot be written by others and rehearsed for days. They are true windows to the soul.

Unless they are delivered by Barack Obama, that is. In which case, as Palin said Wednesday, speeches are just a “cloud of rhetoric.”

Fifth, we should stop reporting on the families of the candidates. Unless the candidates want us to.

Sarah Palin wanted the media to report on her teenage son, Track, who enlisted in the Army on Sept. 11, 2007, and soon will deploy to Iraq.

Sarah Palin did not want the media to report on her teenage daughter, Bristol, who is pregnant and unmarried.

Sarah Palin thinks that one is good for her campaign and one is not, and that the media should report only on what is good for her campaign. That is our job, and that is our duty. If that is not actually in the Constitution, it should be. (And someday may be.)

The official theme of the convention’s third day was “prosperity,” but the unofficial theme was “the media are really, really awful.”

Even Mike Huckabee, who campaigned for president this year by saying “I am a conservative, but I am not mad at anybody,” discovered Wednesday night that he is mad at somebody.

“I’d like to thank the elite media for doing something,” Huckabee said, “that, quite frankly, I didn’t think could be done: unify the Republican party and all of America in support of John McCain and Sarah Palin.”

And could that be the real point of the attacks on the media? To unify the Republican Party?

No, that is simply the cynical, media view.

Though as Lily Tomlin says, “No matter how cynical I get, it’s just never enough to keep up.”

I couldn’t resist that. For which I am sorry.

Palin Does Not Understand True Importance of Community Organizers

by Patrick Kelty

"What does a community organizer do?" asked Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential nominee who possesses so much experience that she has been completely sheltered from the press since the moment she was presented as Sen. John McCain's running mate. A community organizer is someone who if committed has a much more direct and tangible impact on people's (fellow American citizens) lives.

The irony of Palin's ignorance is that during the same speech in which she proclaimed to be a fighter for the "regular American" and introduced her husband as a proud member of the Steelworkers union, she attempted to diminish and belittle the efforts of someone whose first path in public service was to assist many of people she now claims to be fighting for. It was also interesting to hear Rudy Giuliani mock Obama as someone who doesn't know how to run anything and is short on national security judgment. This is an individual who "ran" a campaign which spent 50 million dollars and received 1 delegate. He pushed the appointment of Bernard Kerik as Secretary of Homeland Security -- a man whose recent trial on corruption charges highlighted concerns over whether or not he was even qualified to be N.Y. city police commissioner when then Mayor Giuliani awarded him the promotion from being his personal driver.

The Republican rap on Obama is "he's one of those elitist's". For Palin to diminish his work as a community organizer is to suggest that the citizens who live in the Chicago community in which he worked were not worthy of an advocate. Many of these same citizens who lived in that community were Steelworkers who had watched their jobs move abroad and were left with the uncertainty of how they would adjust in order to make a living, care for their family, and plan for a secure retirement. What was Palin's point when she introduced her husband as a proud member of the Steelworkers Union? She can't have it both ways.

Steelworkers President To Palin: ‘Stop Using Your Husband’s Membership In The USW As A Prop’

Love this comment: "McCain may not be Bush, but Palin sure seems to be. No accountability, no answering questions, no acceptance that the media even has a role in honest society. In fact, no acceptance that truth or honesty have any merit whatsoever."

From ThinkProgress.org

When Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) introduced Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate, he trumpeted her husband’s union membership: “The person I’m about to introduce to you was a union member and is married to a union member, and understands the problems, the hopes and the values of working people,” he said. That day, and again last night, Palin also emphasized that her husband is “a proud member of the United Steelworkers Union.”

Conservatives are hoping the reference will play well in Michigan and Ohio. But the United Steelworkers union (USW) isn’t so pleased. USW President Leo Gerard noted that just because Todd Palin is a union member doesn’t mean that Palin is automatically qualified to represent labor interests:

It is important to realize that while the governor’s husband is a member of a union, this does not automatically qualify her for an on-the-job training program to become a heartbeat away from the presidency. And while her husband is one of 850,000 dues-paying members of the steelworkers union, it does nothing to absolve Sen. McCain of his long history of anti-union sentiment and anti-worker actions.

In fact, McCain’s hostility to unions and union priorities runs deep:

– McCain voted to block the Employee Free Choice Act, making it easier for workers to unionize. [6/26/07]

– McCain condemned unions as “serious excesses” and said government workers are “crippled” by union contracts. [10/9/07; 5/21/07]

– McCain voted to filibuster a minimum wage hike last year. [1/24/07]

– McCain voted against a bill protecting discrimination against workers who go on strike, effectively allowing companies to hire permanent replacements for striking workers. [S. 55, 7/13/94]

– McCain voted against an amendment providing more effective remedies to victims of gender discrimination in the payment of wages. [7/17/07]

Last night, Gerard demanded that Palin “stop using USW as a prop.” Noting McCain’s opposition to the top priorities on USW’s agenda, Gerard asked Palin:

Are you with McCain – and against workers – on these issues? If so, you need to stop using your husband’s membership in the USW as a prop, because then his union card cannot possibly cover up your or John McCain’s worker-savaging positions.

Hypocricy First

I wish this was the nightly news. It has more truth, research and facts.

Palin's speech riddled with lies. Sound familiar? FACT CHECK

It should, because it was written by a Bush writer.

The Obama camp issued a statement in response to the speech:

"The speech that Governor Palin gave was well delivered, but it was written by George Bush's speechwriter and sounds exactly like the same divisive, partisan attacks we've heard from George Bush for the last eight years. If Governor Palin and John McCain want to define 'change' as voting with George Bush 90% of the time, that's their choice, but we don't think the American people are ready to take a 10% chance on change."

The best part of the several lies she spilled, were 2 stand outs:

PALIN: “I suspended the state fuel tax, and championed reform to end the abuses of earmark spending by Congress.”

Well, so far she has requested $589 Million in Federal Pork projects, and $197 Million for next year. So many earmarks in fact that she was criticized on it by non other than JOHN MCCAIN!

PALIN: “In fact, I told Congress — I told Congress, ‘Thanks, but no thanks,’ on that bridge to nowhere.”


October 2006” Palin Supported Bridge To Nowhere. In 2006, Palin was asked, “Would you continue state funding for the proposed Knik Arm and Gravina Island bridges?” She responded, “Yes. I would like to see Alaska’s infrastructure projects built sooner rather than later. The window is now—while our congressional delegation is in a strong position to assist.” [Anchorage, 10/22/06, republished 08/29/08]

2006: Palin: Don’t Allow “Spinmeisters” To Turn Bridge To Nowhere Project “Into Something That’s So Negative.” “Part of my agenda is making sure that Southeast is heard. That your projects are important. That we go to bat for Southeast when we’re up against federal influences that aren’t in the best interest of Southeast.’ She cited the widespread negative attention focused on the Gravina Island crossing project. ‘We need to come to the defense of Southeast Alaska when proposals are on the table like the bridge and not allow the spinmeisters to turn this project or any other into something that’s so negative,’ Palin said.” [Ketchikan Daily News, 10/2/06]

This one is nice too:

PALIN: “Starting in January, in a McCain-Palin administration, we’re going to lay more pipelines … build more new-clear plants … create jobs with clean coal … and move forward on solar, wind, geothermal, and other alternative sources.”


2007: Palin Vetoed $20 Million Toward A Fire Island Wind Farm Project. “[Sen. Hollis] French and [Anchorage Mayor Mark] Begich both lamented the [Palin] veto of $20 million toward a Fire Island wind farm project and connecting transmission lines. That money was part of Railbelt Energy Fund cash that Palin said she doesn’t want to spend until a study on energy needs is finished.” [Anchorage Daily News (Alaska), 7/30/07]

2008: Palin Cut $20 Million For Chugach Electric Association Wind Farm. As part of a large package of budget cuts, in June 2007, Gov. Sarah Palin, R-AK, cut $20 million in funding for a Chugach Electric Association wind farm. The funding was expected to come from a fund called the Railbelt Energy Fund. Palin said she cut the $20 million because she wanted more information before dipping into the Railbelt Energy Fund.
[Anchorage Daily News, 6/30/08]

I have to add this one (because it is SUCH bull) and I'm off:

PALIN: “ But listening to him speak, it’s easy to forget that this is a man who has authored two memoirs but not a single major law or reform – not even in the state senate.”


Obama Helped Pass The 2007 Ethics Reform Law, Which Curbed The Influence Of Lobbyists And Was Described As The “Most Sweeping Since Watergate.”

Obama Passed Illinois State Gift Ban Act “Heralded As the Most Sweeping Good-Government Legislation in Decades.”

Obama And Lugar Passed Law Boosting U.S. Efforts To Keep WMDs And Other Dangerous Weapons Out Of The Hands Of Terrorists.

Obama and Coburn Passed A Bill Creating A “Google-like” Database For The Public To Search Details About Federal Funding Awards.

Obama Passed Law Ensuring That Wounded Veterans Recovering In Military Hospitals Do Not Have To Pay For Their Meals Or Phone Calls To Family Members.

Obama Proposals Providing Improvements In Health Care For Recovering Soldiers Were Passed Into Law, Including Requirements For Post-Deployment Mental Health Screenings And National Study On The Needs Of Iraq War Veterans.

Obama Worked With Republicans To Pass Legislation, Which Became Law, Improving And Increasing Services For Homeless Veterans.

Obama Passed Bipartisan Legislation That Expanded Health Care Coverage To 154,000 Residents, Including 70,000 Children.


These and SO many other lies can be viewed further at:

See you soon,


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Monday, September 1, 2008

The real RNC convention (2005)


Thanks W!

Hard Times Hitting Students and Schools in Double Blow
Tyler Bissmeyer for The New York Times

Marjorie Allgood in Louisville, Ky., where a record number of students qualify for free meals.
Published: August 31, 2008

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — With mortgage foreclosures throwing hundreds of families out of their homes here each month, dismayed school officials say they are feeling the upheaval: record numbers of students turning up for classes this fall are homeless or poor enough to qualify for free meals.

“We’re seeing a lot more children in poverty,” said Lauren Roberts, spokeswoman for the Jefferson County school system, a 98,000-student district that includes Louisville and its suburbs.

At the same time, the district is struggling with its own financial problems. Responding to a cut of $43 million by the state in education spending and to higher energy and other costs, school officials in Jefferson County have raised lunch prices, eliminated 17 buses by reorganizing routes, ordered drivers to turn off vehicles rather than letting them idle and increased property taxes.

The Jefferson County system is typical this school year.

As 50 million children return to classes across the nation, crippling increases in the price of fuel and food, coupled with the economic downturn, have left schools from California to Florida to Maine cutting costs. Some are trimming bus service, others are restricting travel, and a few are shortening the school week. And as many districts are forced to cut back, the number of poor and homeless students is rising.

“The big national picture is that food and fuel costs are going up and school revenues are not,” said Anne L. Bryant, executive director of the National School Boards Association. “We’re in a recession, and it’s having a dramatic impact on schools.”

Louisville’s pain is minor compared with the woes of some cities. Detroit has laid off at least 700 teachers, Los Angeles 500 administrators and Miami-Dade County hundreds of school psychologists, maintenance workers and custodians.

Schools in many states have cut bus stops to save diesel. Districts in California and Ohio have gone further and eliminated bus service either completely or for high schools, leaving thousands of students to find their own way to school.

In Maine, officials worried about the cost of heating their classrooms this winter have restricted travel for field trips to save money. Districts in Louisiana, Minnesota and elsewhere have taken a more radical measure and adopted four-day school weeks. Hundreds of districts, responding to higher food prices, are charging more for cafeteria meals.

In interviews, educators in many states said they were seeing more needy families than at any time in memory. Two charities in suburban Detroit announced in August that they would hand out student backpacks, attracting hundreds of families.

“They went through all 300 backpacks in three hours, boom, and that was that,” said Kathleen M. Kropf, an official in the Macomb Intermediate School District. “We’re seeing a lot of desperate people.”

There were no giveaways for Jacci Murray, 28, a single mother in West Palm Beach, Fla., who said she lost her job six months ago. Ms. Murray bought pencils and crayons for her son, Cameron, who is in the second grade, from a discount bin at Office Depot. Saying she felt “cheap and broke,” she pored fretfully over her school supplies list, afraid to waste gas by making more than one shopping trip.

“It’s been tough this year,” Ms. Murray said. “I’m depressed about school.”

And so are many educators.

West Virginia officials issued a memorandum recently to local districts titled “Tips to Deal With the Skyrocketing Cost of Fuel.” Last week, David Pauley, the transportation supervisor for the Kanawha County school system, based in Charleston, met with drivers of the district’s 196 buses to outline those policies. Mr. Pauley told them to stay 5 miles per hour below the limit, to check the tire pressure every day and to avoid jackrabbit starts.

The Caldwell Parish School District, in northern Louisiana, took a more sweeping approach to saving fuel by eliminating Monday classes. The district joined about 100 systems nationwide, most of them rural, that in recent years have adopted a four-day schedule.

The district’s superintendent, John Sartin, said the move should save $145,000 in a $15 million budget. The decision, made in June, came after crude oil prices had risen for 29 consecutive days, Mr. Sartin said.

“People here worry that they won’t have enough money to last through the month,” he said.

Similar concerns in the Southern Aroostook Community School District in Maine have delayed adoption of the budget.

“We’ve tried to pass it twice, and we’re trying a third,” said Terry Comeau, the superintendent, who has restricted field trips and taken a bus off the road.

“People are saying, ‘I don’t want my taxes to go higher; I need the money to pay my bills,’ ” said Mr. Comeau, adding that one worry is that heating costs will soar this winter.

The problems in many districts can be traced to battered state budgets. According to a July report by the National Conference of State Legislatures, 31 states had budget gaps totaling $40 billion, and many had cut school financing.

California still has a $15.2 billion budget gap, although many districts there have made cuts, including Los Angeles Unified, which sliced $400 million from its $6 billion budget in June partly by laying off 500 administrators and secretaries, though no teachers.

Many districts are serving increasing numbers of needy students. In Mobile, Ala., the number of homeless students tripled to about 2,500 at the end of the last school year from 850 in the 2006-7 term.

“And our numbers are going to be a whole lot higher this year,” said Larissa Dickinson, a school social worker there. “We’ve had phone call after phone call from families evicted over the summer.”

Officials in districts in a half-dozen states reported similar surges.

In Louisville, 7,600 homeless students were enrolled when the term ended in June, up from 7,300 the year before. But Anne Malone, who coordinates efforts to help homeless students, said the figure would be “way up over that this year.” Ms. Malone cited foreclosure statistics from the Metropolitan Housing Coalition in Louisville that about 10 families were evicted every day here.

The number of students whose family’s income qualifies them for subsidized meals is up, too.

Under the National School Lunch Program, children in a family of four whose parents earn no more than $39,220 a year qualify for a subsidized 30-cent breakfast and 40-cent lunch. If the parents earn no more than $27,560, the children qualify for free meals.

Last year, about 58,000 Jefferson County students were eligible for free or reduced-price meals. This year, the number is likely to reach 62,000, said Mary R. Owens, who coordinates the program here. In interviews, officials in California, the District of Columbia, Florida and Wisconsin also projected increases in the number of students who would qualify for free or reduced-price meals.

Nationally, 14.9 million students qualified for free lunches last year, according to data from the Agriculture Department; the Bush administration’s budget estimates that an additional 283,000 students will be eligible this year.

A department spokeswoman, Jean Daniel, said that subsidized meals were an entitlement and that no students would be turned away if participation exceeded estimates.

The office here where parents fill out forms to qualify for subsidized meals has seen a stream of anxious parents this year, often in tears, pleading for the free meals for their children because they do not have 70 cents a day to pay for the reduced-price meals, Ms. Owens said.

“We’ve had a lot of daddies coming in to say their check doesn’t cover like it used to,” she said.

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From the desk of Asher

My dear friends, family and supporters;

As the country sets on another historic moment tonight by accepting the first African-American to a national party, I too am hosting a multitude of changes in my life. No I am not going through puberty or running for president. My friends, after several years (too many to say without embarrassment) I have worked in the restaurant industry in order to pay for dreams of being an actor, writer, director and producer to flourish. I have had several victories and have been fortunate to have minor success touch me more than once.

But alas I am still here, at the same restaurant, starting over day after day. I have decided to make a bold move (increased by this poor economy and job market) and quit the restaurant to make my work schedule more available for other opportunities. For years I have been holding out on this because of the opportunity of auditions arising, and the need to be across town at a moments notice. I will continue to act, perform, write and direct, but for the first time since my graduation from USC I will be looking for employment outside the world of performance.

What I ask to you is this: If there is any job you hear of in the business of entertainment or its affiliates, please let me know. I do not need to tell you that in this town getting work is based on whom you know. I'm looking for one of those people.

Thank you for your understanding, support and time. I truly hope you are well and I look forward to speaking to each of you individually. Have a great Labor Day and I will see you soon!

God bless,

-Asher Glaser

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CENSORED Mad Men contest entry

This video was refused my the Mad Men contest for reasons unknown and unexplained to me.

I decided to post it here anyway.


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The latest on my Foxy Politics Channel on YouTube.

I have a feeling this will appeal more to the guys, but that is just me.

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Rove ignores subpoena, refuses to testify

What did he work for again? Oh yes, the united states of Rove, Bush & Cheney.

By BEN EVANS, Associated Press Writer 2 hours, 58 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - Former White House adviser Karl Rove defied a congressional subpoena and refused to testify Thursday about allegations of political pressure at the Justice Department, including whether he influenced the prosecution of a former Democratic governor of Alabama.

Dept. of Justice

Rep. Linda Sanchez, chairman of a House subcommittee, ruled with backing from fellow Democrats on the panel that Rove was breaking the law by refusing to cooperate — perhaps the first step toward holding him in contempt of Congress.

Lawmakers subpoenaed Rove in May in an effort to force him to talk about whether he played a role in prosecutors' decisions to pursue cases against Democrats, such as former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, or in firing federal prosecutors considered disloyal to the Bush administration.

Rove had been scheduled to appear at the House Judiciary subcommittee hearing Thursday morning. A placard with his name sat in front of an empty chair at the witness table, with a handful of protesters behind it calling for Rove to be arrested.

A decision on whether to pursue contempt charges now goes to the full Judiciary Committee and ultimately to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

House Republicans called Thursday's proceedings a political stunt and said if Democrats truly wanted information they would take Rove up on an offer he made to discuss the matter informally.

The House already has voted to hold two of President Bush's confidants in contempt for failing to cooperate with its inquiry into whether the administration fired nine federal prosecutors in 2006 for political reasons.

The case, involving White House chief of staff Josh Bolten and former White House counsel Harriet Miers, is in federal court and may not be resolved before Bush's term ends in January.

The White House has cited executive privilege, arguing that internal administration communications are confidential and that Congress cannot compel officials to testify.

Rove says he is bound to follow the White House's guidance, although he has offered to answer questions specifically on the Siegelman case — but only with no transcript taken and not under oath.

Democrats have rejected the offer because the testimony would not be sworn and, they say, could create a confusing record.

Rove has insisted publicly that he never tried to influence Justice Department decisions and was not even aware of the Siegelman prosecution until it landed in the news.

Siegelman — an unusually successful Democrat in a heavily Republican state — was charged with accepting and concealing a contribution to his campaign to start a state education lottery, in exchange for appointing a hospital executive to a regulatory board.

He was sentenced last year to more than seven years in prison but was released in March when a federal appeals court ruled Siegelman had raised "substantial questions of fact and law" in his appeal.

Siegelman and others have alleged the prosecution was pushed by GOP operatives — including Rove, a longtime Texas strategist who was heavily involved in Alabama politics before working at the White House. A former Republican campaign volunteer from Alabama told congressional attorneys last year that she overheard conversations suggesting that Rove pressed Justice officials in Washington to prosecute Siegelman.

The career prosecutors who handled Siegelman's case have insisted that Rove had nothing to do with it, emphasizing that the former governor was convicted by a jury.


This guy is really great.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Some Pics from the 35 mm short I was in.

"Piano Man"
Signature Entertainment
Written & Directed by: Andrew Mueller & Bobby Novak
Photos by: Robb Rosenfeld

A normal day at the office.






















This is what it takes to get in to show business.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Disney, NRA Fight Over Allowing Guns At Work

I found this article fun & interesting. Happy 4th!

Orlando Sentinel | Scott Powers and Jason Garcia | July 4, 2008 09:02 AM

mouse slinger

Walt Disney World employees won't be packing any heat in the company parking lots anytime soon.

The giant resort has declared that much of its sprawling property is exempt from a new state law that allows Floridians with concealed-weapons permits to keep firearms locked in their cars at work.

Disney, which has 60,000 employees and a long-standing policy against allowing guns on its land, cites an arcane -- and late-added -- loophole in the new law, which took effect Tuesday.

Read the whole story here.

Friday, July 4, 2008


My heart goes out to all who are suffering because of these fires. You are close by and in my thoughts and prayers. -A


The Associated Press, posted July 3, 2008

Hundreds of lightning-sparked wildfires have turned the air of Northern California into an unhealthy stew of smoke and ash, forcing the cancellation of athletic events and other outdoor activities.

Health advisories urging residents to stay indoors to limit exposure to the smoky air were issued Saturday from Bakersfield north to Redding, a distance of nearly 725 kilometres.

CA fire

Air pollution readings in the region are two to 10 times the federal standard for clean air, said Dimitri Stanich, spokesman for the California Air Resources Board.

Some areas are experiencing the worst air quality on record, with the smoke hanging down to the ground like a fog.

Air quality agencies are especially concerned about small-particle pollution. The tiniest particles can penetrate past the body's immune defences, travelling deep into the lungs and the bloodstream.


"When you have it on the scale we are seeing now, it is very dangerous to the general public health,'' Stanich said. "This is a very serious problem.''

Changing weather brought smoke-clearing breezes and brief relief to some areas Saturday, but it could also bring lightning storms similar to the ones that ignited fires across Northern California a week ago.

Thunderstorms could strike anywhere in the northern Sierra Nevada or the northern Central Valley on Saturday night, said National Weather Service forecaster Johnnie Powell in Sacramento.

The thunderstorms could also bring a small amount of much-needed rain, he said. The front was expected to pass by Sunday, setting up a second week of abysmal air quality.

town fire

The renewed threat of dry lightning and stiffer breezes that could stir the wildfires led fire officials to declare a "red flag warning'' -- meaning the most extreme fire danger -- until 5 a. m. Monday for Northern California.

On Saturday, President Bush issued an emergency declaration for California and ordered federal agencies to assist in firefighting efforts in many areas.Gov.Arnold Schwarzenegger had made the request on Friday.

More than 17,000 firefighters, 1,500 fire engines and bulldozers and more than 80 helicopters and aircraft were fighting more than 1,000 fires Saturday, said state emergency services spokesman Kelly Huston.


"The summer has just begun, and fire conditions will only get tougher,'' Ruben Grijalva, director of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, warned in a weekly radio address on behalf of the governor.

The fires have destroyed 47 structures and injured 85 people and continue to threaten nearly 10,000 homes, businesses and buildings, according to his department.

A lightning-sparked wildfire in the Big Sur region of the Los Padres National Forest has burned 108 square kilometres and destroyed 16 homes. The blaze, which was only three per cent contained, has forced the closure of a 19-kilometre stretch of coastal Highway 1 and driven away visitors at the peak of the tourist season.

Farther south in the forest, a wildfire that started three weeks ago has scorched 238 square kilometres of remote wilderness. It was 80 per cent contained Saturday.

Stanich, of the Air Resources Board, advised people to stay inside and keep activity to a minimum. Children, the elderly and people with heart and lung problems are particularly vulnerable, but pollution levels are high enough to affect healthy adults.

Health officials have reported an increase in people complaining of eye and throat irritation and coughing. The poor air can also trigger asthma attacks and bronchitis.

Some veterinary offices said pet owners were bringing in dogs and cats with symptoms ranging from weepy eyes and irritated skin to difficulty breathing or unusual lethargy. Vets were advising that pets remain inside until the smoke clears.

Smoky air cancelled this weekend's 160-kilometre Western States Endurance Run for the first time in its 31-year history. The decision disappointed 370 runners who had travelled from as far away as Africa for the annual race from Squaw Valley at Lake Tahoe to Auburn in the Sierra foothills.

In Sonoma County, the limited visibility kept the Energizer Bunny and dozens of other colourful hot air balloons from lifting off during Saturday's Hot Air Balloon Classic in Windsor.


Cities also closed public pools, cancelled softball games and called off July 4 fireworks displays. Schwarzenegger urged residents not to buy fireworks this year and said local governments should consider an outright ban, though he would not impose one statewide.

Near Las Vegas, a small plane crashed in a forested area, killing four people and touching off a wildfire that is threatening about 40 homes, said Ian Gregor, spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration. Authorities recommended that residents evacuate.

In Arizona, crews fighting a blaze in the Phoenix suburb of Laveen worked to establish a line at a river crossing. About 50 residents of 18 homes were ordered to evacuate in the afternoon but were being allowed to return Saturday night, said Bill Watt with the state Foresty Division. The fire had almost doubled in size in a day and consumed nearly 21 square kilometres, but was about one-third contained, officials said.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

An Amazing series

If you can, please check out this series, African-American Lives 2. This series really touched me. Seeing these celebrities in real, vulnerable moments of discovery about their history is amazing to watch and experience. The production is handled with such dignity and care, I really recommend it. Watch it when you can, or grab a clip or 2 from YouTube, which I posted below.

Happy 4th everyone!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rambo 4: Ashman Movie Review

Rambo don't take no mess.

rambo poster

**** 4 stars (Out of 5)

Yes this is a positive review. When I saw the trailer, the interviews, and the fans reactions I would never have dreamed this film would be above 1 star. After several recommendations and discussions I was challenged to re-think this action monster. I am glad I did.

In the era of over bloated and over important war films, Rambo runs a brisk 91 minutes and gets things done.

knows how to deliver the goods in this brutal and timely action ride. What starts out as a solid exploration of the further reaches of a 5th world country turns into an all out orgy of violence that is eerily relevant and important to todays society. This might be the most (Dare I say it?) important action film since the first Rambo, aptly titled First Blood. This might be stretching it, but Rambo worth the ride nonetheless.

It is strange to say, but if you are going to rent an action movie and are a fan of the genre, Rambo is the right movie to rent or buy. Stallone makes one of the most PC films of the year while thrashing out gallons of blood and guts for the right cause. While Cheadle and Clooney try to turn heads with Darfur Now, Stallone is breaking them to look at Burma, Myanmar. The bloody action film is actually ahead of the US cause of the month and gives you an awful look at some things that are going down there now. No one is saying this film is fact, but they aren't saying it's far from it either.

Rambo doesn't even feel like the other films in the series. It has the feel of a lean action or exploitation film of the '70's with an economical fast pace. If done at a different time I could see this film easily inspiring Tarantino and Rodriquez for future riffs. In fact, the film has almost a Sin-City, or Hulk feel to it in the semi-real life story extremely heightened with a bruised hero that has to face the fact that he is a killing machine...and if you're gonna kill, why not some of those people committing genocide?

*As a side note, it makes me curious as to how Machete, starring Danny Trejo will turn out.

Not that Rambo wants to unleash holy hell. He is begged to help out and refuses several times. What changes his mind? What always does, a beautiful damsel in distress played by Julie Benz. Hey, if a hot blond came up to me in the further reaches of Thailand asking for some help on a suicide mission, chances are I'd do it too.

julie benz

Rambo possesses the special key in Stallone flicks that work; he is an underdog. He is like the hunchback who just wants to be left alone. And I have to say, with his current physical oddity, that isn't too far off the map here. He looks as muscle heavy as he's ever been, but pushing 63 it looks like it's difficult for him to breathe with all that beef on him. After all his muscle and plastic surgery work, it almost looks like he is wearing a rubber suit. But this works for him in the film. Much like the lovable loser of Rocky & Copland, Rambo knows he's not a charmer, and will never get the girl. One of the films better moments is when the beautiful girl hugs her peacenik boyfriend and Rambo knows that is something that he will never experience. Stallone also pulls off a humorous and strangely gleeful task of making that humanitarian pacifist and utter prick, and the payoff of him doing the most beneficial work of his life when he kills a soldier from the Burmese army against his better judgment.

My only real complaint with this film is that the end sequence death-a-thon gets a little cluttered with the fast paced, gritty editing and shooting style. It's done in that Michael Bay Transformers style where we're so close to the action we don't know what's going on in the story. But does it really matter? Stallone is kicking so much ass I think he breaks a new record.

As the credits roll, I'm reminded this is directed and co-written by Stallone. Remember him? It's a comforting fact that a guy who is mostly known as a punchline in this town who got his name by putting his neck on the line for an indi called Rocky in 1976 still can come through with a solid punch more than 30 years later. Here's hoping he's got one more left in him.

stallone directing

Domestic: $42,754,105 37.8%
+ Foreign: $70,488,548 62.2%
= Worldwide: $113,242,653
(from box office mojo)

rambo figure 2rambo figurerambo 3rambo walking

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Another night, another copter

You'd think I lived in Crooklyn, South Central, or the barrio. Nope. Good old Los Angeles, across the street from the exorbitant Hancock Park, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in CA, across the street from Paramount pictures.

Well once again, tonight there is some sort of manhunt going on and the LAPD helicopters, horns, and tires, and crashes haven't stopped for an hour. I love LA! (We Love it!) And my downstairs neighbors are fighting. And I have a 6:15am call time (5.5 hours from now). Joy.

Wait...I think they've gone away. Off to sleep.

LAPD helicopter

Just picture this chopper at night and a beaming light circling your neighbors outside your bedroom, and that's me!

See you soon...I will give you a report of my experience on set shooting a 35mm short in the desert, ocean, and office.

Til then,

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Funny R. Kelly

I forgot to add my favorite video of late.

Burning Clothes, drama, messed up hair, mama's phone calls, punching the cameramen...must be R. Kelly. Watch, learn and enjoy the best singing unknowing comedian of our time. Real Talk.

My neighborhood is Noisy!


Here it is Wednesday night around 11pm and it sounds like Armageddon outside my apartment. I have to pause my DVD several times just to be able to hear it. I live across the street from Paramount, in Hollywood CA and between the honking, trucks, children, ice cream trucks, ice cream carriers with bells, dogs, musician neighbors, helicopters, police sirens, ambulance sirens, tour buses, construction workers, motorcycles, noisy cars and our thin walls with no insolation whatsoever it's amazing anyone gets any rest around here. I swear the only quiet hours are between 4-6am. The rest of the day/night forget about it.

I don't think there is any solution, I just had to rant a minute. Wait, I think there is a quiet gap. I'm running off to sleep now.

Manhattan beach sunset


Monday, June 23, 2008

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Megatron

Megatron is no sissy.

This is the second part of a Transformers sequel parody. The first can be seen on my YouTube page here.

The whole concept came to me after I saw the film Transformers and thought they really took themselves incredibly seriously with their dialogue taken straight from a cartoon. So I wanted to satire the utter and complete silliness of alien robots on earth mixed with the lowest possible technology for these things. The result is what you see.

More to come with interviews and behind the scenes footage.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Welcome to the sweaty season


So it's officially summer and it has gotten freaking hot.

bush warming

I'm a white boy from MN and whenever it gets like this my body has to re-check itself into rehab. I have to cover my skin with clothing, wear 50+ sun screen and not be in direct sun for more than 10 minutes. I chase the shade and it makes things awkward if I'm around other people who love the sun and I won't walk in sunny areas. I look like Jack Nicholson from "As Good As It Gets". Otherwise my face will end up looking like this:

tomato face

What makes matters worse is that I have no A.C. outside my bedroom and I live on the second floor of a very bright apartment. On top of that my office where I work on my computer is like a tiny oven, and after about 2 minutes I start sweating like Shaq on the free throw line.

Shaq sweat

So another long hot summer is upon us and the only vacation I have planned is to go to my uncle's wedding on August 4 in North Carolina where it is even hotter and it's humid as balls...and he wants me to video tape and photograph the whole thing. yea!

mr. bill

At least I have my 50-Cent & 50-Cent video game, "Bulletproof" to keep me cool all summer long.
50-cent game

yeh yeh...kill dat rich multi national conglomerate mogul yeh. g-g-G-Unit!
*Registered trademark of Nike.

I blame Al Gore for all of this.

global warming diagram

The problem with this A.C. diagram is that it doesn't explain why I can't have one in my house in the year 2008.

air conditioner

So I hope I can continue to post and my computer doesn't melt. In the meantime, here is my new avatar. He needs a name.
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See ya next time.



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