Another night, another copter

You'd think I lived in Crooklyn, South Central, or the barrio. Nope. Good old Los Angeles, across the street from the exorbitant Hancock Park, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in CA, across the street from Paramount pictures.

Well once again, tonight there is some sort of manhunt going on and the LAPD helicopters, horns, and tires, and crashes haven't stopped for an hour. I love LA! (We Love it!) And my downstairs neighbors are fighting. And I have a 6:15am call time (5.5 hours from now). Joy.

Wait...I think they've gone away. Off to sleep.

LAPD helicopter

Just picture this chopper at night and a beaming light circling your neighbors outside your bedroom, and that's me!

See you soon...I will give you a report of my experience on set shooting a 35mm short in the desert, ocean, and office.

Til then,


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