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They Do it & Do it again

Once again I am completely impressed with what this band has been able to create in a community with this song. Think what you will of their music or attitude, (believe me I definitely think they have gone cheese-bomb) but this is one thing music can do that no other art can. This is a great example of the power of music, (even if you're not a fan). Okay they had some help by technology and video too ;-) First the incredible Canadian LipDub now this. Check it out, original air date 10/13/09. Happy New Year. Here's the LipDub Version. Just as impressive & completely different

Up in the Air - Ashman movie Review

Sugar Coating. After watching Up in the Air on the eve of a Christmas where there are more people out of work than in any point in my lifetime it becomes abundantly clear that Jason Reitman has lived a life of privilege and nepotism that hasn't lead him to deal with real suffering. In what's being labeled as the movie of "our time" , he puts the protagonist ( George Clooney ) as a job terminator who's real job is not to care. Sounds good on paper but when the people who suffer so much just equate to window dressing to make us feel something for the rich guy my appreciation for the film evaporates up in the air. Not that there aren't things to like in this film. The performances by the two female leads Vera Farmiga & Anna Kendrick are stellar. It's such a nice change to see more than one female do damage in a film that centers on the male ego. There's some fun dialogue, cameos and jokes but this is largely a film to go see to feel s

Do the Green Thing: Buy Nothing

by Bonnie Alter, London on 12.21.09 (re-post from ) For those of you in the last throes of Christmas shopping, here's the answer to what you could get the remaining few on your list, and it is available on Amazon, oops, As the description says, buy Nothing: it's "Compact, lightweight and easy to carry, incredibly durable, fits into your briefcase and co-ordinates with everything in your wardrobe." It was created by Green Thing, a not-for-profit public service and a clever website that inspires people to lead a greener life. It's goal is inspiring green action.They use good design, quirkiness and ingenuity to encourage people to get involved in green initiatives in 7 different areas. Glove Love is another one of their projects. It's a glove story: as they say "no one needs a single glove, everybody needs some glove love." They rescue single gloves, clean them, make a new pair, sew in a classy label and sell them for £5.

Christmas blues, reds, greens & whites.

I think Christmas was invented by pre-Scientologists to make people miserable. But it's fun for the kids though.