From the desk of Asher

My dear friends, family and supporters;

As the country sets on another historic moment tonight by accepting the first African-American to a national party, I too am hosting a multitude of changes in my life. No I am not going through puberty or running for president. My friends, after several years (too many to say without embarrassment) I have worked in the restaurant industry in order to pay for dreams of being an actor, writer, director and producer to flourish. I have had several victories and have been fortunate to have minor success touch me more than once.

But alas I am still here, at the same restaurant, starting over day after day. I have decided to make a bold move (increased by this poor economy and job market) and quit the restaurant to make my work schedule more available for other opportunities. For years I have been holding out on this because of the opportunity of auditions arising, and the need to be across town at a moments notice. I will continue to act, perform, write and direct, but for the first time since my graduation from USC I will be looking for employment outside the world of performance.

What I ask to you is this: If there is any job you hear of in the business of entertainment or its affiliates, please let me know. I do not need to tell you that in this town getting work is based on whom you know. I'm looking for one of those people.

Thank you for your understanding, support and time. I truly hope you are well and I look forward to speaking to each of you individually. Have a great Labor Day and I will see you soon!

God bless,

-Asher Glaser


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