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The latest on my Foxy Politics Channel on YouTube. I have a feeling this will appeal more to the guys, but that is just me.

Zach Galifianakis

Seriously funny. I LOL'ed.

Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothin; w/ Zach Galifianakis

Another great one. Beautiful. Wish I could had been in this one. Holla then.

Rove ignores subpoena, refuses to testify

What did he work for again? Oh yes, the united states of Rove, Bush & Cheney. By BEN EVANS, Associated Press Writer 2 hours, 58 minutes ago WASHINGTON - Former White House adviser Karl Rove defied a congressional subpoena and refused to testify Thursday about allegations of political pressure at the Justice Department, including whether he influenced the prosecution of a former Democratic governor of Alabama. Rep. Linda Sanchez, chairman of a House subcommittee, ruled with backing from fellow Democrats on the panel that Rove was breaking the law by refusing to cooperate — perhaps the first step toward holding him in contempt of Congress. Lawmakers subpoenaed Rove in May in an effort to force him to talk about whether he played a role in prosecutors' decisions to pursue cases against Democrats, such as former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, or in firing federal prosecutors considered disloyal to the Bush administration. Rove had been scheduled to appear at the House Judiciar

Some Pics from the 35 mm short I was in.

"Piano Man" Signature Entertainment Written & Directed by: Andrew Mueller & Bobby Novak Photos by: Robb Rosenfeld A normal day at the office. This is what it takes to get in to show business.

Disney, NRA Fight Over Allowing Guns At Work

I found this article fun & interesting. Happy 4th! Orlando Sentinel | Scott Powers and Jason Garcia | July 4, 2008 09:02 AM Walt Disney World employees won't be packing any heat in the company parking lots anytime soon. The giant resort has declared that much of its sprawling property is exempt from a new state law that allows Floridians with concealed-weapons permits to keep firearms locked in their cars at work. Disney, which has 60,000 employees and a long-standing policy against allowing guns on its land, cites an arcane -- and late-added -- loophole in the new law, which took effect Tuesday. Read the whole story here.


My heart goes out to all who are suffering because of these fires. You are close by and in my thoughts and prayers. -A --- The Associated Press, posted July 3, 2008 Hundreds of lightning-sparked wildfires have turned the air of Northern California into an unhealthy stew of smoke and ash, forcing the cancellation of athletic events and other outdoor activities. Health advisories urging residents to stay indoors to limit exposure to the smoky air were issued Saturday from Bakersfield north to Redding, a distance of nearly 725 kilometres. Air pollution readings in the region are two to 10 times the federal standard for clean air, said Dimitri Stanich, spokesman for the California Air Resources Board. Some areas are experiencing the worst air quality on record, with the smoke hanging down to the ground like a fog. Air quality agencies are especially concerned about small-particle pollution. The tiniest particles can penetrate past the body's immune defences, travelling deep i

An Amazing series

If you can, please check out this series, African-American Lives 2 . This series really touched me. Seeing these celebrities in real, vulnerable moments of discovery about their history is amazing to watch and experience. The production is handled with such dignity and care, I really recommend it. Watch it when you can, or grab a clip or 2 from YouTube, which I posted below. Happy 4th everyone! -Asher

Rambo 4: Ashman Movie Review

Rambo don't take no mess. **** 4 stars (Out of 5) Yes this is a positive review. When I saw the trailer, the interviews, and the fans reactions I would never have dreamed this film would be above 1 star. After several recommendations and discussions I was challenged to re-think this action monster. I am glad I did. In the era of over bloated and over important war films, Rambo runs a brisk 91 minutes and gets things done. Stallone knows how to deliver the goods in this brutal and timely action ride. What starts out as a solid exploration of the further reaches of a 5th world country turns into an all out orgy of violence that is eerily relevant and important to todays society. This might be the most (Dare I say it?) important action film since the first Rambo, aptly titled First Blood . This might be stretching it, but Rambo worth the ride nonetheless. It is strange to say, but if you are going to rent an action movie and are a fan of the genre, Rambo is the ri