Welcome to the sweaty season

So it's officially summer and it has gotten freaking hot.

I'm a white boy from MN and whenever it gets like this my body has to re-check itself into rehab. I have to cover my skin with clothing, wear 50+ sun screen and not be in direct sun for more than 10 minutes. I chase the shade and it makes things awkward if I'm around other people who love the sun and I won't walk in sunny areas. I look like Jack Nicholson from "As Good As It Gets". Otherwise my face will end up looking like this:

What makes matters worse is that I have no A.C. outside my bedroom and I live on the second floor of a very bright apartment. On top of that my office where I work on my computer is like a tiny oven, and after about 2 minutes I start sweating like Shaq on the free throw line.

So another long hot summer is upon us and the only vacation I have planned is to go to my uncle's wedding on August 4 in North Carolina where it is even hotter and it's humid as balls...and he wants me to video tape and photograph the whole thing. yea!

At least I have my 50-Cent & 50-Cent video game, "Bulletproof" to keep me cool all summer long.

yeh yeh...kill dat rich multi national conglomerate mogul yeh. g-g-G-Unit!
*Registered trademark of Nike.

I blame Al Gore for all of this.

The problem with this A.C. diagram is that it doesn't explain why I can't have one in my house in the year 2008.

So I hope I can continue to post and my computer doesn't melt. In the meantime, here is my new avatar. He needs a name.

See ya next time.




Fade In said…
Yup. my man looks exactly like the karate/self defense teacher from Napoleon Dynamite.
practice blog said…
Your blog looks awesome! I drove with my windows down in my car and I looked like that tomato! Keep up the good work:)



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