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Nobody does caped-crusaders like Ash-man. Check it out and Enjoy. Here are Parts 1 & 2.

Yes there might be a little influence from the tiny Indi Film Kick-Ass

Manchester Orchestra Live at The Troubadour 3.9.10


The Ghost Writer film review

The Ghost is very much alive

EXCELLENT. 21st Century Chinatown. Haven't seen a thriller this good in years. Go see, very Hitchcockian, very enjoyable. Woody Allen is kicking himself that his crappy Cassandra's Dream wasn't half as good with the same cast. The whole cast here is excellent with no weak links. I finally get to like Pierce Brosnan. Finally a coup for Polanski who is masterful here. This should be at the Oscars, not some of the drivel being spoon fed to us. Let's just hope it makes it. I love John Anderson's summary in the Wall Street Journal (filling in for my favorite, Joe Morgenstern) "The Ghost Writer" is so rich you may feel you paid too little for your ticket when the whole thing meets its very Polanski-ish climax. Please don't tell anyone.

The trailer doesn't really do the film justice. When I saw it I thought there wasn't much to it, looked like another John Grisham movie but I'm glad I read some reviews. It's a…