I take pictures of sunsets.

I take a lot of pictures of sunsets actually. I post some on Instagram, but I don't want to bore my audience. So I thought I'd create a blog post for them. And to be honest, there are some pictures before the sun goes down and after. So I deviate from the sunset only premise. Here you go. A lot of sunsets.

This series is from my usual perch in Griffith Park, Los Angeles. In the foreground is Century City, All the way on the horizon is the Pacific Ocean.

After sunset, city lights brighten the hills and city.
Venice Beach, Pacific Ocean

You may ask, why do I take SO MANY pictures of sunsets? That is a fair question. My answer is for several reasons. Firstly, just for the beauty of it. I'm amazed how much beauty is around us every day if we just choose to look for it. Growing up in the Twin Cities of MN, my mother would take me on sunset walks down by the Mississippi River to watch the sun set over the river and city. We'd go together or with a friend or two, whoever was visiting with us. We would do this year round, and yes, I know how cold it gets there. It was always so peaceful and relaxing. I always wanted to go. At times it seemed like it was the only thing we could agree on. I'm continuing that tradition now in LA and my travels. I'm lucky enough to live in a city surrounded by the Pacific ocean and beautiful hills which make for some amazing views. I also go for a somewhat spiritual reason. It serves as a meditation by hike, bike, walk or stroll. It connects me to my higher power and centers, calms, relaxes and focuses me. In short I never feel it's a waste of time. I always feel better after going to see it. This group of photos is my record of the last year or so of connection to this earth, one sunset at a time.

Drumming Circle, right before the police tell them it's time to go home. 

Griffith Park Trails

Selfie, on my bike. I don't know those people behind me.

Hollywood and Highland, after a fire

A fire downtown Los Angeles

This looked like a blood moon.

Back to Griffith park

This spot is feet away from where singing, dancing and drama was shot for the movie "La La Land". Also, my back yard.

Playa Del Rey, before the sunset.

Griffith Park

Okay, not a sunset. But I had a quick trip home. This is the Mississippi river, from St. Paul, MN.

Stone Arch Bridge, Minneapolis, MN

The beach! Southern California

Broad Daylight. No fair putting this in the mix. I know.

Just another angle from a trail up to the Observatory at Griffith park

Sunset on a plane!

Back home in LA, view from Griffith Park

The observatory

Long Beach, CA

Dog Beach!

A view a few blocks from my apartment

This series is in Tucson, AZ

Back in LA. These photos get uploaded in a strange order.

A very cool hike up in Alta Dena, CA. Echo Mountain, Eaton Canyon

This is up at cloud level. A very low hanging, hazy cloud level.

Hollywood Boulevard at night. And a huge moon.

Back in Alta Dena. (These get uploaded in a funny order.)

The buildings in the distance are in Century City. You can see the ocean in the far distance.

This has both downtown LA and Century City

Back at Griffith Park

Mojave National Preserve, CA. North of Joshua Tree. This on a sand dune. Watching the sunset here felt like I was on another planet. The whole park is just gorgeous. Getting to the top of those dunes is quite a work out.

This happened when I returned from visiting Minneapolis, right after my dad passed away.

My local bike shop. Love the beat up old neon Schwinn sign above.

This is a sign for Neilsville, WI. The town my dad grew up in.

San Gabriel Mountains, LA, CA

Back on the hike in Alta Dena. Giving it another shot.

An accidental effect from moving the camera when taking a picture at night.

Windmills in Palm Springs, CA

Reno, NV

Lake Tahoe, on the border of the Nevada and California State Line.

Reno, NV airport

This is actually the sun RISE. Gasp! A complete anomaly for me as I'm never up that early. #Nightowl

Back at home in Los Angeles, in my old familiar haunt, Griffith Park. I'll conclude my magnum opus of a post here. Thank you for visiting, joining me on my journey and scrolling down and down and down. I hope you found it worth your time. God Bless


MmeHuppert said…
Outstanding! Simply gorgeous!
Asher Glaser said…
Thank you MmeHuppert!!:-)

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