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Nobody does caped-crusaders like Ash-man. Check it out and Enjoy. Here are Parts 1 & 2. Yes there might be a little influence from the tiny Indi Film Kick-Ass

Manchester Orchestra Live at The Troubadour 3.9.10


The Ghost Writer film review

The Ghost is very much alive EXCELLENT. 21st Century Chinatown. Haven't seen a thriller this good in years. Go see, very Hitchcockian , very enjoyable. Woody Allen is kicking himself that his crappy Cassandra's Dream wasn't half as good with the same cast. The whole cast here is excellent with no weak links. I finally get to like Pierce Brosnan . Finally a coup for Polanski who is masterful here. This should be at the Oscars, not some of the drivel being spoon fed to us. Let's just hope it makes it. I love John Anderson 's summary in the Wall Street Journa l (filling in for my favorite, Joe Morgenstern ) "The Ghost Writer" is so rich you may feel you paid too little for your ticket when the whole thing meets its very Polanski-ish climax. Please don't tell anyone. The trailer doesn't really do the film justice. When I saw it I thought there wasn't much to it, looked like another John Grisham movie but I'm glad I read some reviews