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From the desk of Asher

My dear friends, family and supporters; As the country sets on another historic moment tonight by accepting the first African-American to a national party, I too am hosting a multitude of changes in my life. No I am not going through puberty or running for president. My friends, after several years (too many to say without embarrassment) I have worked in the restaurant industry in order to pay for dreams of being an actor, writer, director and producer to flourish. I have had several victories and have been fortunate to have minor success touch me more than once. But alas I am still here, at the same restaurant, starting over day after day. I have decided to make a bold move (increased by this poor economy and job market) and quit the restaurant to make my work schedule more available for other opportunities. For years I have been holding out on this because of the opportunity of auditions arising, and the need to be across town at a moments notice. I will continue to act, per

CENSORED Mad Men contest entry

This video was refused my the Mad Men contest for reasons unknown and unexplained to me. I decided to post it here anyway. -asher

Comic Con: Figures

Comic Con Costumes

Fun times at the Con!

What doesn't fly for me

Vote Al Franken in MN!