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Post-Thanksgiving Pre-Holiday Neurosis

Hello. This is a slightly different blog posting for me. Lately I've used this blog as an extension of my video promotion, releasing my videos on another format for additional random e-onlookers. Today I think I'll write about my experience (both internal and external) of a big fat American holiday, the Thanksgiving. The funny thing about blogs and I guess videos on youtube, is that you never know who will view them. True they are public, but the universe is public now. Blogging doesn't seem to be the rage it was a few years ago. Twitter seems to have replaced the blog. People want the micro-blog at 140 characters or less. And to be honest, writing more than 140 characters just seems like a lot of work these days. I guess the thing now is to tweet that you wrote something in your blog... to all of my 139 followers on twitter (both real and cyber-real, that is a promotional add on to companies who auto-follow you whenever you mention a word related to their product.) So und