What a difference a day makes

Can you believe that on the first day on the job Obama closes Gitmo, busts out a modern hip new website, and supports Roe v. Wade? After all these horror stories we've seen and heard, and complete denial of reality, (See The Road to Guantanimo) Obama steps in and slams the doors on the worst offender of torture: The U.S.

Thank God.

I wonder; what was Bush thinking? I wonder what he was thinking all day on Tuesday as he say almost 1.5 million people jubilantly cheering on their new president. I wonder if the protests that ushered him into office came to mind. Of course he wouldn't need to think that far back because there were protesters sending him off too. That look he gave Obama after he finished his speech was classic. One of "Fuck, that guy is good. Wish I could have given a speech like that. Then again, I never really tried." He walked off to his helicopter with his tail between his legs. On Bush's last press conference he said that the breadth and scope of a presidency isn't fully understood or comprehended until several years after leaving office. On that scale, he proved one point: Clinton was one hell of a good president. Today he proved another: Obama can get more shit done in one week than in four years of a Bush administration.



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